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If you have not seen the captain America movie yet, for shame. I loved every bit of it (even the cheesy ‘I can’t believe they felt they had to throw that in there’ parts) which reminded me that I haven’t shared the picture I did for my brother. Probably my favorite illustration to date.

While in high school, it was rumored that my brother Travis and his friends all adopted associations with super heroes they liked. How far these similarities went or the extent of their actual know-how about these characters is unclear, but what I do know is that my brother was Captain America. In all honesty, I can pretty much say that Travis embodies most of what people would think of upon hearing the term all- american. So in a more conceptual way, being Captain America suits him, which is how I came up with the idea for this illustration. Granted, it was Jordan’s idea to make it into a comic book which really took the design up a notch. BAM!


Here are two more sketches from the Watertown, NY fair

His parents wanted him in a tsunami. Apparently this child is SUPER destructive


Just two military guys on “military gets in free” night

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