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I don’t mean to derail from my regularly scheduled programming, but something came up this morning that I just cannot ignore and feel that I should share with the artists that read this and for everyone else’s general knowledge of how the art world works.
I recently did a quick caricature commission for someone over the Internet. The site I was working through is very anonymous so I had no idea who I was doing the piece for, and since the price was really cheap, I didn’t spend near as much time on it (you get what you pay for). In the conversation area, he told me what he wanted, sent some reference picks, I did the drawing and sent it. He left a review which said “we liked the work and will be back for more.” WE?
For those of you out there that sell your work, you understand there is a huge difference price wise between an illustration done for private use versus one done for publication. The difference being, for use in publication, your drawing is being used to help make a business more money. For example, the guy who designed the Nike logo was paid 35 dollars for his design without anything being laid out for him to be able to benefit from his design from being used and reproduced MILLIONS OF TIMES. That’s an extreme example, but the principle is the same.
With this commission I had done, the person did not type one word to indicate that this picture will be used on their website in one of their articles, NOR did they get my permission or gains rights to the image for publishing. Just because you buy a piece of art it does not mean you have the right to use it. When I saw the word “We” in my review section, a red flag went waaaaay up. I had to see if I could find the image.
I googled it. I found it.
Long story short, I sent them an email to the site expressing how insulted I was that they were A. not upfront about the images use and B. that they did not even credit me for the work I had done.
I’m waiting for a reply on their end, so I will keep you posted on how this develops and what actions I might take.
At least give me credit for it….
And since you twisted my arm, let me end on a light note and keep my promise for the week with a sketch done of two boys being boys. You’re Welcome


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