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While at my pal Tony Sobota’s House, i happened to notice this small black book called ‘Blubber Lubber’ lying on his

Get it!

side table.  When i saw Dan Hay’s name on the cover i almost fell over.  I first saw his work on the Caricature 3000 group page on facebook and then later read about him while following fellow caricaturist Andy Urzua who happens to idolize this man.  Andy Urzua = Justified.  Dan Hay’s work is both hilarious and inspiring.  The way he designs passers by into amazing character designs is something i hope to emulate and add into my own work. Check out his Blog that contains sketches he incorporated into the book at http://blubberlubber.blogspot.com/ and then if you want to purchase his book, go to the Art Squared Publishing website at http://art2books.com/books/blubberlubber

Anyway, that night we had dinner with a couple that just had Great Bodies, and i mean GREAT Bodies.  Both with so much character that i couldn’t help practicing some character design.  And here they are



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